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Multidimensional Assessment of Parenting Scale (MAPS)

The Multidimensional Assessment of Parenting Scale (MAPS; Parent & Forehand, 2017) assesses positive and negative parenting practices. The MAPS was developed from established measures of parenting practices to select optimal parenting items constituting both positive and negative dimensions of warmth/hostility and behavioral control appropriate for parents of children across the developmental span from young childhood through adolescence. The MAPS has demonstrated excellent internal and test-retest reliability as well as initial longitudinal support for the validity of MAPS subscale scores (Parent & Forehand, 2017; Parent et al., 2017). Additionally, measurement invariance across youth developmental stages from young childhood to adolescent has been established for the MAPS subscales (Parent & Forehand, 2017).

The Broadband Positive Parenting subscale of the MAPS includes four narrowband subscales: Proactive Parenting which measures child-centered appropriate responding to anticipated difficulties; Positive Reinforcement which measures contingent responses to positive child behavior with praise, rewards, or displays of approval; Warmth which measures displays of affection; and Supportiveness which measures displayed interest in the child, encouragement of positive communication, and openness to a child’s ideas and opinions.

The Broadband Negative Parenting factor includes three narrowband subscales: Hostility which includes items representing intrusive parenting that is overcontrolling and parent-centered as well as harshness which includes coercive processes such as arguing, threats, and yelling, ineffective discipline, and irritability; Physical Control which includes items representing physical discipline both generally and specifically out of anger and frustration; and Lax Control which includes items representing permissiveness or the absence of control, easily coerced control in which the parent backs down from control attempts based on the child’s behavior, and inconsistency which is the failure to follow through with control or inconsistent applying consequences.

Graphic depicting Broadband Positive Parenting and Broadband Negative Parenting concepts as detailed above

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Chart for MAPS scoring with areas for Hostility, Physical Control, Lax Control, Proactive Parenting, Positive Reinforcement, Warmth and Supportiveness